Psychologist: There are theories that posit completely different causal mechanisms from those posited by Freudian ...

on July 14, 2022

Where in the passage does it say "scientific"

Doesn't matter if it's theories, psychological studies, or any of that, where does it say "scientific?" I thought this answer was out of scope

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Emil on July 16, 2022

Hi Tyler808,

While the passage does not explicitly say "scientific," we are dealing with theories of human behavior, and their predictive power. Psychology is science (albeit a "softer" science), so we are discussing scientific theories. I would try not to overly rely on using a single word to eliminate an answer choice on the grounds of scope. While sometimes one word makes an answer wrong, that would likely be an "all, always, never" type of word. While I agree "scientific" may feel a little strong, it would be hard to argue that the author could reasonably disagree with B.