Some people have maintained that private ownership of the means of production ultimately destroys any society that sa...

Tyler808 on July 20, 2022

A vs C please

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Emil-Kunkin on July 22, 2022

Hi Tyler,

For this question, let's first find the conclusion, and then how it is supported. It looks like the author's main point is the final statement, that an andvanced society will not be destroyed by private ownership, and in fact, would be destroyed by public ownership of property.

Since we know there author makes a distinction between advanced and less technologically advanced societies, we can eliminate A. C does describe the role of the initial sentence- the author concedes it can be true in some cases, but not for technologically advanced societies.

Abigail-Okereke on November 14, 2022

I still dont understand. I eliminated c because of the word "hypothesis", I thought that can only be used when there is something that needs to be proved. Well, this is what I was previously told by someone at LSAT max anyway, please help!

Emil-Kunkin on November 16, 2022

Hypothesis is just anything that is an unproved claim, usually in a research context.