Which one of the following could be an accurate matching of reports to their segments, with the reports listed in ord...

Tyler808 on July 22, 2022

How is the answer B?

"I" has to come before W.

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Emil-Kunkin on July 22, 2022

Hi Tyler,

I must be indeed be longer than W, and I think that B does not violate that rule. We know that the segments are in order of length within each segment, but I don't think we know anything about the length of the reports between segments. That is, we know the first report in segment one will always be Longer than the second in that segment, be we know nothing about its length relative to any report in the other segment.

Tyler808 on July 23, 2022

Thank you @Emil! I feel that the rule should be changed to like "I is before W if they are both placed in the same segments" because I feel that's going to trip some people up.

frederickliu on January 7, 2023

I feel you. Haha. I was tricked by that too. I think B is the "better" answer and only vaguely violated the rule - while the other options clearly violated it

Emil-Kunkin on January 20, 2023

Hi, this is about paying attention to the setup. We only know about the relative length of things in the same segment. There is no less or more right or wrong. Wrong answers are wrong and right answers are right. B does not violate the rule at all as the rule and setup are stated.