The author most probably quotes directly from both the UN Charter (lines 8–11) and the proposal mentioned in lines 20...

frederickliu on July 24, 2022

Why is D incorrect?

If the author doesn't believe or be indifferent of the importance of the quotes, why would they have quoted it in the first place? Also, the author didn't state that one quote is more powerful and forceful than the other either, why is B correct in this case?

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Emil-Kunkin on July 27, 2022

Hi Fredrick,

We have no idea what the author thinks is the most important part of each document. I could quote one specific part of a document in order to make a narrow point, but that does not mean that I think that quote is the only part of the document that matters, or the most important part. Rather, it is the most relevant part to the point I am making.

Around line 15, we are told that some think the former document did not go far enough , and that they made the subsequent document stronger.

frederickliu on December 24, 2022

Thank you!