The proper way to plan a scientific project is first to decide its goal and then to plan the best way to accomplish t...

on July 27 at 03:39PM

How is this not D?

The passage states, even though it could be done in an alternative way, the space station should not be built. It's saying that it can be done in an alternative way, but still it shouldn't be built. How is that not a self contradiction?

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Emil on July 27 at 09:28PM

Hi Tyler,

I don't think the passage is saying that the space station could have been built in an alternative way, but rather, that the experiments done on the station could have been done without the space station. The alternative way is not regarding the building of the space station, it is about the limited gravity experiments.

That said, even if this were talking about the station, I don't think there would be a contradiction. We could say there would be an alternative way to build the space station, but that does not necessarily justify building it.