The brains of identical twins are genetically identical. When only one of a pair of identical twins is a schizophreni...

Jalen on August 3, 2022

Help on Answer C

I am wondering why Answer C is wrong. Answer D is the better answer after giving it more thought, but I cannot figure out why Answer C is wrong. I read the question and associated the differences in the brain with the physical damage to the brain mentioned in the last sentence. Would this information be overruled by the information that identical twins had identical genetic information in their brains? Thank you for your help!

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Emil-Kunkin on August 6, 2022

Hi Jalen,

I would highlight the "squishiness" of the language in C. We are looking to show why C could be true, and to say that the brains of people with Schizophrenia share "many characteristics" of brains of people without it is setting the bar quite low.

While there may be major differences, we could still say that two brains share many characteristics if they are the same weight, size, and color, even if they have different relative sizes of certain areas.