Which one of the following is a list of foods that could be the foods selected?

aligarman on August 5, 2022

Game set up

While I was watching the real-time explanation I noticed that I made some inferences that were not mentioned and I wanted to make sure that I did not over-infer in the beginning. First I noticed that because one of each category must be in, that F/G must be in (because dessert only has F or G in it). Then, based on the 3 out slots available I saw that either N or V must be out so that automatically fills up one out slot. This leaves only two more out slots, going back through the rules it seems that you could infer in the beginning then that P/O must be in because if both are out they fill up too many out slots.

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Emil-Kunkin on August 6, 2022

Hi Ali,

Great job hunting for more deductions! I think the first few you had are spot on, and I would check if you could have the outs be P, W, and N/V. Otherwise, great job pushing further to find what else we can figure out from the setup.