Certain changes in North American residential architecture after World War II are attributable mainly to the increase...

Mazen on August 10, 2022

Is the "service board" different than the "message board"?

Hi, Evidently, there's another place where I can post my questions and get quicker answers. I contacted the service, but they referred me to tutoring and to posting on the message board. Meanwhile, would someone please confirm or correct my understanding of the following terminologies? The conclusion uses the word "mainly." I interpret the word "mainly" to mean either "primarily" or "mostly." To my mind, "mainly," "primarily," and "mostly" are synonymous. Am I correct? Also, am I correct to add to the list of synonyms above the word "usually"? In other words, is true to say that like the words "mainly" and "primarily," the word "usually" also means ""mostly." The following word, "frequently," however, is not the same as "usually"; correct? I think that "frequently" is different than both "usually" and "mostly" because the words "mostly" and "usually" are relative measurements, such as ratios or proportions or percentages, whereas "frequently" refers to an absolute number. Am I correct on this distinction between "frequently"and "usually," the former being absolute whereas the later being relative? Finally, I know that "some" means at least one, but could possibly mean all, and that "most" means 50% plus one. My question is am I correct to distinguish between "some" and "most" on different grounds, on the basis that the former refers to an absolute number, like the word "frequently" (I am not saying that "frequently" means "some"; I am saying they are similar in that they are not measuring relative quantities), whereas "most" is a percentage? Thank You Respectfully, Mazen

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Emil-Kunkin on September 21, 2022

Hi Mazen,

I think they probably meant the message board- but there is also a discord, which I think I may have sent over at some point in the past. If not, Service would likely be able to send the link to join.

I completely agree with your point about mainly, primarily, usually, and mostly. These are all the same as saying "most." I think that frequently is indeed different. Something that happens every fifth day is frequent, and still only 1/5th of the time. We care more about the other terms, that tell us something about the relative occurrence of an event.

Mazen on September 22, 2022

Thank you Emil