Coffee and tea contain methylxanthines, which cause temporary increases in the natural production of vasopressin, a h...

Jake-Fallek on August 21, 2022


Could I have an explanation of C and D, thanks!

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Emil-Kunkin on September 2, 2022

Hi Jake,

This is a pretty tough one- C looks very attractive.

C tells us that women probably drink more coffee and tea than men do. The support for this would be that woman are at higher risk- however, there are other possible causes of the fact that women are at higher risk- maybe it has to do with hormones or genetics. I dont think we can say for sure that it is because women drink more caffeinated beverages than men do.

However, I think we can be confident that women, who are already higher risk, should avoid a substance that would further increase their risk- so D is strongly supported.