In Brazil, side–by–side comparisons of Africanized honeybees and the native honeybees have shown that the Africanized...

supreet1 on August 23, 2022

why C and not D ??

If Africanized honeybees replace local honeybees, certain types of ornamental trees will be less effectively pollinated. CORRECT In the United States a significant proportion of the commercial honey supply comes from hobby beekeepers, many of whom are likely to abandon beekeeping with the influx of Africanized bees.

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Emil-Kunkin on August 28, 2022

Hi Supreet,

We are trying to find which answer choices do and do not weaken the conclusion that we do not need to worry about domestic honey production.

C tells us that the replacement will lead to less effective pollination of certain ornamental trees. I have absolutely no clue what the pollination of ornamental trees has to do with honey production. So, I cannot say that C weakens the argument.

D tells us that the replacement will lead to a decrease in hobby beekeepers, which in turn will decrease the honey supply, so we would have a reason for concern about the honey supply. D weakens the argument.