The author's attitude toward Roger Abraham's book can best be described as one of

mayatassi on September 3, 2022

Answer C

Can you please explain why C is incorrect? Thank you!

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Emil-Kunkin on September 6, 2022

Hi JazaneElaine,

We are asked here to add in a missing premise- which will make the conclusion valid. So what is actually happening here is that a most and an all are becoming a some, rather than a most and a some becoming an all.

Emil-Kunkin on September 6, 2022

Hi maya, ignore that response. Which passage and question is this? For some reason, It isn't showing up for me.

Emil-Kunkin on June 23 at 08:24PM

I see where you come from, but I think we have more positive than negative. The paragraph in question is about a trend that the author supports, as we see at the beginning of the paragraph, and in the opening line of the final paragraph. The author seems to be generally favorable towards the study, but notes that it is missing one element they like. This is a qualifier, but it does not seem to outweigh the positives. Moreover, I dont think we have ambivalence, since the author seems to still be noting this as a positive trend, although this author missed one element, and nothing about this indicated unease.