The narrative structure of which one of the following hypothetical novels is most closely parallel to that of the mus...

Rachel on September 11, 2022

Why is A not correct?

I understand why E is a good answer, but I don't understand why A isn't the better answer because it talks about moving in a way that makes it hard to understand the direction/chronology etc...that seems more analogous to the effects of interruptions from musical interludes that pauses to examine someone's inner thoughts.

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Emil on November 28, 2022

Hi, A takes what we are told in the passage to an extreme that does not reflect musicals. We are told that musicals include songs that are only loosely connected to the narrative. However, this implies there is still a narrative, albeit one often interrupted by tangentially related songs. A describes a scenario lacking a clear narrative and zero context, rather than one with some, but loose context.

Michaela on February 7 at 03:23PM


Where is the support for this in the passage? I thought it was the example of Berkeley's musical with the scene with the singer. Lines 16-20.

Emil on February 8 at 03:18AM

That's exactly the portion I'm thinking of. We are told that the songs are a break from the narrative, which reflects E. A describes an almost anti-narrative form in which there is no plot whatsoever