The author uses the term "realistic" throughout the passage to refer to which one of the following qualities of a film?

Rachel on September 11, 2022

Support for Answer B - Lines 6-10?

Is the line support for answer B found in lines 6-10? Or inferred elsewhere. I thought B was a trap answer because it seemed to align more with that Bordwell posed was the definition of realism and since I knew the author disagreed with Bordwell, I thought I should avoid it. I thought A was getting closer to what the author wanted. Can someone help out with the textual support and process by how B is chosen?

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Emil on November 28, 2022

I would look to lines 45-50ish, where the author critiques how bordel thinks about realism. They note that these films cannot be realistic since they clearly intrude on the viewers ability to be unfazed by the films "reality".