Essayist: Winners of a Nobel prize for science, who are typically professional scientists, have all made significant ...

Courtney on September 14, 2022

many vs. some

hello, I understand the explanation provided for the correct answer choice when it says, "The two statements about amateur scientists, however, are relatively strong and show some overlap. We know that all amateur scientists are motivated by love of science "alone," and that they have been responsible for some important scientific discoveries. As such, we can say that some such discoveries were motivated by love of discovery." I'm confused about the word "many" in the correct answer choice when the stim uses the word some. I was under the impression that some mean more than 1 and many means more than half. Could you help me clarify?

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Courtney on October 14, 2022

Hey, the time stamp on this is incorrect. I asked this a month ago.

Emil on October 26, 2022

Hi, many does not necessarily mean more than half. Many could be less than half- we could say that many people are dying their hair- and that would not be inaccurate if only 20 percent of people are dying their hair. Many is essentially a some, with the caveat that it isn't just one or two.