The public in the United States has in the past been conditioned to support a substantial defense budget by the threa...

Abigail-Okereke on September 17, 2022


hello, I chose answer choice B and I don't see why it's incorrect. How is E the correct answer choice? E supposes that there's ambiguous word usage? I don't see how the word adequately is used in that way.

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Emil-Kunkin on February 15, 2023

Hi, i think that B is incorrect since we don't know if these events are causal, but since this is a premise, I think a reasonable person would agree with the idea that the Cold War was related to support for high budgets.

The ambiguity is in the change between talking about high defense budgets and adequate defense budgets. The author had proven that the public will no longer support the "substantial" defense budgets of the past, but who is to say that not substantial must also be inadequate?