Which one of the following, if substituted for the constraint that the house in Riverton must be shown either first o...

matthewgsmithok on September 26, 2022

Understanding Video Explanation

I am working to improve my understanding of substitution questions and noticed in this example, the video explanation said that the (A) was incorrect because the original game setup didn't allow for it to be 4th. However, to my understanding, don't you eliminate the affect of the original rule? Then you would need to deduct that (A) is wrong through trial and error? For clarification, I understand (A) is wrong. I am just trying to better understand how that was determined. Thank you!

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Emil-Kunkin on November 17, 2022

Hi, we are looking for something that would have the exact same impact on the game. That means, it cannot allow anything that was previously banned, or ban anything that was previously allowed.

DevinFuller on February 23, 2023

Where can i find the video explanation for this question?