Because migrant workers are typically not hired by any one employer for longer than a single season, migrant workers ...

Hanfan on September 28, 2022

C and E

Hello, I originally chose E when first reading through the answer choices, and then i caught myself! i realized that in the passage it used the word most, so i then tried to find which answer choice used a quantifier even though i felt E was the best answer to the naked eye. So i ended up going with C because it used the word many, as compared to the other answer choices that used the word all or intended to. Does many not count as a quantifier? also, why does the answer not have a quantifier in it?

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Emil-Kunkin on October 5, 2022

Hi Hanfan,

I would focus less on the exact wording and more on the ideas expressed. C offers no reason why we should do this thing, while E, and the argument, do. We actually do have a sentiment in E this amounts to a some- which is the same as many. "Food additives can be as dangerous as drugs" is the same thing as saying that some food additives are as dangerous.