The use of automobile safety seats by children aged 4 and under has nearly doubled in the past 8 years. It is clear t...

AndrewArabie on October 9, 2022


My anticipations after reading the stimulus were either: 1. safety features have not improved on the vehicles 2. the number of children taking trips in cars has risen I read answer choice B and liked it because it was similar to my second anticipation. But then I read C and it was exactly my second anticipation. What went wrong? Why was answer choice C incorrect?

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Emil-Kunkin on October 12, 2022

Hi Andrew,

We really don't care about the number of trips. Is someone who takes ten trips, each lasting 10 minutes at more risk that someone who takes one 100 minute trip? I frankly don't know. C reflects this. We have no idea if C strengthens the argument.