Situation: In the island nation of Bezun, the government taxes gasoline heavily in order to induce people not to driv...

AndrewArabie on October 23, 2022

Can someone explain why E is correct

I understand why the others are wrong but I don't understand why E is correct. Why isn't another bridge just a new alternate route? If you're discouraging people from using your bridge and people start using another one, sure you are not making money but your intent has been met and the toll bridge can fall into disuse. I just don't understand.

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Emil-Kunkin on October 24, 2022

Hi, we are looking for a scenario in which a program has two goals, and the first goal, if achieved, would undermine the second. The first goal in E, to get people to drive less over the bridge would indeed undermine the second goal, to raise funds to build a new bridge. If people were to stop using the old bridge, there would be less money available to build the new bridge

AndrewArabie on October 24, 2022

Of course. Thank you for your patience.