Ditrama is a federation made up of three autonomous regions: Korva, Mitro, and Guadar. Under the federal revenue–sha...

AndrewArabie on October 26, 2022

Answer choice C

I chose C because it matched my anticipation. E is clearly the better answer but I would like to be able to read an answer choice like C and discount it immediately. What should I be noticing and thinking about while reading the answer choices to not get beaten by a question like this again?

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Emil-Kunkin on October 27, 2022

I don't think there's any one answer to this, but I would note two things. First, C does look fairly attractive at first glance. It is indeed one possible way to resolve the apparent paradox. That said, it doesn't necessarily have to be true. I think that for must be true questions, you need to have a very high bar to choosing an answer choice. Second, I would treat your answer anticipation as a rough guideline, rather than the exact thing you're looking for

AndrewArabie on October 29, 2022

Thank you Emil