Statistician: Two major studies found no causal link between medical procedure X and disorder Y, but these studies a... on October 29, 2022

Answer C

I'm confused by the reasoning provided for why answer C was incorrect. The reason given was, "The Statistician limits her argument to analyzing the current studies and their results, not to suggesting a future course of action." However, the very last sentence of the prompt mentions that a larger future study would need to be conducted to be conclusive.

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Emil-Kunkin on October 30, 2022

Hi, I would argue that the final statement about how to correct the flaw in the study is not talking about what the next study would be, it rather pointing out what researchers would have to have don't in order to be valid. Either way, there is no prescription in that statement. It isn't saying that research should do this, but that to be valid, they would have had to do that.