Which one of the following partners cannot have the third highest salary?

GradyO on October 31, 2022

Can you explain how you started the sequence?

I don't understand the question, can you work out the problem?

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GradyO on October 31, 2022

Where can I print out the content ?

GradyO on November 1, 2022

Where can I get more main point questions ?

Emil-Kunkin on November 4, 2022

Hi, you can find more main point questions in your analytics tab, under main point questions.

I would start the sequence by reading the rules. Since each rule says that one thing is bigger than another thing, and we are told that many of the things that were smaller than one thing are in turn bigger than another thing, we can make a big chain, as we do here.

Monique on January 10, 2023

Good Afternoon... I am having problems with the sequencing items. I understand I must write the rules out as written. However, I am making errors with combining all of the elements. Is there a session on sequencing? There was a video on for question 1. However, once I answered that question. The video is no longer available.