In the passage, the author discusses primary substances mainly in order to

Abigail on November 3, 2022

b vs c

I paraphrased my answer: primary substances are mentioned to distinguish between their clear role and how secondary substances' roles are still being discovered. This passage will explain the secondary substances' role. Do you this is accurate or matches any of the answer choices?

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Abigail on November 3, 2022

Nevermind! I answered my question. I see how my pre-phrase matches C. I'm not sure why I chose B though lol. Perhaps the time pressure.

Emil on November 5, 2022

Good catch!

Test takers actually do this a lot, come up with a good prephrase and then forget/ignore it once you get into the answer choices. When you have a prephrase you like, make sure to hunt for answers that match that prephrase