Publicity campaigns for endangered species are unlikely to have much impact on the most important environmental probl...

AndrewArabie on November 5, 2022

A vs C

I made two anticipations: 1. That the most important environmental issues involve organisms other than large mammals 2. A campaign that engenders feelings of sympathy will be more successful than one that doesn't. I liked A at first but ruled it out because it says "endangered animals other than..." but the stimulus never specified microorganisms as endangered. I selected C even though it said "most* successful" because it seemed more relevant than A

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Emil-Kunkin on November 6, 2022


I think your prephrases are good, and I empathize with not choosing A. I think we do know that the author must think that the relevant microorganisms are endangered, since the entire argument is about the relative efficacy of publicity campaigns for endangered species. Why would she bring these others up if they are not endangered?

I think when you see something that is so close to your prephrase the bar should be fairly high for not choosing it.

AndrewArabie on November 7, 2022

Thank you Emil. Its hard to know when to not be so pedantic because a lot of these answer choices are wrong because certain words aren't given quite enough scrutiny. Do you have any advice for that problem?