Winston: The rules for awarding Nobel Prizes stipulate that no more than three people can share the same prize. Nobel...

AndrewArabie on November 30, 2022

Answer choice E

If answer choice E read, "*The lack* of Nobel Prizes awarded to a scientist is an inaccurate indication of their contributions," then I would agree. But as it reads, to me, there isn't enough information to support that claim from either person. Neither person indicates that if you have a Nobel Prize, it may not be a indictor of your contributions, just that the lack of a Nobel Prize does not indicate your lack of contributions. This is why I chose B. B does not have a whole lot of support, but to me it has more support than E. What am I getting wrong?

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Emil-Kunkin on December 9, 2022

Hi, I mostly agree with you. I think this is a case where all of the other four are clearly wrong, but there is an interpretation of E that a reasonable person would see as right.

If we see the term Nobel prizes as "the status of a scientist as having won or not won a Nobel" then I think they would agree in E. That's not how I would interpret it, but a reasonable person could read it as such.