The focus of which one of the following books would most clearly reflect the current interest of the folklorists ment...

burdal on December 23, 2022


Why would B not be the correct answer? Is it asking if you gathered a variety of works from women and men, then you could do research on what the work means to them?

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Hooman on September 10 at 02:58PM

I Selected B as well and wondering why it is not the correct answer

jwash1906 on October 6 at 10:54PM

Definitely seems like B would be the answer based on the analogy given

Emil-Kunkin on October 7 at 03:40PM

Hi @jwash1906 what preptest is this? For some reason I'm not able to access the question/passage - and given that three people have the same question its probably a pretty important one. Thanks and apologies.

Emil-Kunkin on June 23 at 07:45PM

Hi, C is right because the last paragraph tells us that folklorists now are interested in viewing folklore in context, as it is used in different ways by both men and women. This is a pretty good match for what C does. B, however, does not contextualize the works at all, or compare how they are used by men and women.