Scientists hypothesize that a particular type of fat known as "P–fat" is required for the development of eyesight. Re...

JackM on January 3, 2023

Why is this the correct answer?

How do they get high levels of P-fat ONLY during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy? The stimulus says that they get high levels of p-fat from their their mothers breast milk.

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JackM on January 3, 2023

oh is the correct answer different because it is talking about fetus instead of babies who have been already born?

And if those that were born premature had worse eyesight that those who were not born premature (then if p-fat was present to the fetus) it would then have been ONLY acquired during the last weeks of pregnancy.

Maybe i just had to type it out lol.

Emil-Kunkin on January 8, 2023

Good job! I find that forcing myself to tell a story for why the right answer is right, especially for strengthen and weaken questions, is a great way to force myself to understand the question.