If Theo was born after Will was born, then how many sequential orderings of the children, from firstborn to lastborn,...

on January 12 at 09:43PM

Question #15

I don't understand how there can be two possibilities rather than one. The problem allows us to conclude that U(R) is born in 1993 and S(L) is born in 1991. Here's my setup if T is born after W(who is born after Z). (L) ___ S ___ T. ___ W. (3 lefties) (R) Z. ___ ___ U. ___ ___ ___. (2 righties) 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. What am I missing?

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on January 12 at 09:48PM

Nevermind found it lol

Emil on January 14 at 10:44PM

Good catch! If you split your game board, which is often the best bet, make sure you've considered all potential possibilities.