Lawyer: Did Congleton assign the best available graphic artist to the project?Witness: Yes.Lawyer: And the b...

Andrew on January 14, 2023

Answer Choice A

Can someone explain why A is wrong? Im not understanding from the explanation given.

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Emil on January 14, 2023

Hi, we are looking for an answer choice that does not describe a flaw in the argument, and A is a possible line of attack against the lawyer. The lawyer is trying to prove that the C didn't want the project to fail, and as evidence, we are told that C assigned the best staff to the project. This evidence seems to support the fact that C wanted the project to succeed, however, if A were true, we would have reason to doubt that C wanted the project to succeed. If C had been forced to assign the people, then C did not choose to, which undermines the evidence that C wanted it to succeed.