Which one of the following is an acceptable assignment of photographers to the two graduation ceremonies?

Andrew on January 19, 2023

Office Hour suggestion

I had lots of trouble with his game but when I watched the videos from Matt and the other instructor what I noticed is that they follow inferences from the most restricted rule down to the least. Could we get a video (and hopefully in a quick response to this post) a hierarchy of rules sorted by level of restriction and how to notice which rules are more restrictive than others? I often hear the terms "most" and "least" restricted rules but I can't determine which ones are more or less restrictive than others. I know the most restrictive ones constrain the amount of worlds the variables can be arranged in such as rule 1 in this game. But would the next most restrictive rule be the ones with the most necessary conditions?

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Emil on January 22, 2023

This is a great suggestion, and I actually touched on this in the last 20 mins of my office hour on 1/22/2023 that was mostly about making a study calendar. Generally, I would think that rules are most restrictive if they impact a greater number of variables, and they are universally true (that is, are not conditional).

Andrew on January 23, 2023

Thanks Emil, Ill check that video out.