A running track with a hard surface makes for greater running speed than a soft one, at least under dry conditions, b...

Abigail-Okereke on January 19, 2023

B vs C

Why is C a better answer than B. I also didn't realize that this was a paradox question.

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Emil-Kunkin on January 20, 2023

Hi, this is a bizarre question. We are told that the hardness of a track impacts two things, step length and the amount of time that a runner is is contact with the ground. However, we do not really have any details on either. We are then essentially asked to weaken or find new evidence that would make the seeming paradox bigger. B doesn't really do anything. It adds in a new variable in the form of height, but all this does is show that the impact of one thing is slightly different for one group of runners. C, however, gives us reason to think that there is a third reason why track hardness impacts speed, wind. By adding this new factor that relates to track hardness, we can say that the two mentioned in the paragraph are not a complete explanation