Braille is a method of producing text by means of raised dots that can be read by touch. A recent development in tech...

JackM on February 4, 2023

The Correct Answer

but the stimulus discuss being able to adapt or learn this new ability. The correct answer here discuss people already having this ability. That is why I did not choose this answer. Otherwise I would have.

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Emil-Kunkin on February 8, 2023

Hi, for a necessary assumption question, the right answer is something the author must believe. The author makes the argument that this new heating system will enable people who use braille to also use a heated computer screen.

Thus, the author must believe that people who can use braille can also use the new system. It doesn't matter if that isn't explicitly mentioned in the passage, as long as the idea is, and the ability to feel heated points on a screen is clearly integral to being able to use the new system.