Which one of the following could be the speeches given in each room, listed in the order in which they occur?

Samantha on February 12, 2023

game setup organization

I see that colored pencils are used for organizing different games piece set up and questions. Are there any tips on this or does this get better with practice. I seem to confuse myself as I go. I try to stay organized but I seem to cause myself more work. Maybe confidence builds as I get stronger with these.

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Emil on February 16, 2023

I think repetitions is the biggest aspect of building confidence, but when building setups, I would focus first on making sure that you understand the scenario in your head, that you have drawn out a setup that reflects that understanding, and that you are able to fully grasp the rules.

Samantha on February 17, 2023

Thank you

Samantha on April 3, 2023

I was just on the live office hour that Rob and he mentioned a webinar tomorrow for RC. Where do I get access to it?

Emil on April 4, 2023

@samathna74 https://tinyurl.com/4mhdmzj5

Samantha on April 4, 2023

TY. Is there a place on the website where upcoming ones are listed?

Emil on April 6, 2023

I don't see one at the moment, although I would note that the webinars tend to be very similar to office hours. If you check the company's socials they tend to promote webinars there.

Samantha on April 7, 2023

I have watched S&N lesson a couple times to make sure I am understanding the info. But I am working on the missing premise drills I am starting to get them correct but one thing I don't seem to be grasping is how when filling in the conclusion which goes first. I have noticed that sometimes it's the 2nd line Sufficient variable goes first or could be the first line Sufficient variable that is the first letter in the conclusion. Please let me know if I need to explain my question further.

Emil on April 9, 2023

Hi, I think it depends on how that logic of the individual question flows. It is completely irrelevant which is first or second. The argument "all dogs are good, this is a dog, so this is good" and "this is a dog, all dogs are good, so this is good" are identical.

Samantha on April 10, 2023

Ok. Thank you.