Which one of the following is an acceptable order for editing the articles, from first through seventh?

Andrew on February 18, 2023

General approach to the questions

By the time I got to this game four, I had 15 minutes to do it and couldn't finish 3 questions. Not finishing 2-3 questions on every LG section has been the case for me for the last month or two. Sometimes I'll get lucky and finish all the questions but thats rare (happened a handful of times). I don't know how to get better here. For this game in particular, I found that Matt's approach to the questions prioritized the topic rather than the article. I guess this makes sense because there is less to keep track of and you can get a general idea of the locations for the articles. Is this a good tip to take with me or is this tip really only applicable to this Multi-linear game? The tip being: in multi-linear games prioritize placing the category with the least amount of variables

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Emil on February 22, 2023

I think that is a good rule, but I also want to ask how long are you spending setting up the game? If you're spending 15 minutes on this game, I would hope you were able to spend the time to work through deductions and potentially build out scenarios.

Andrew on February 22, 2023

I just tried the game again. It took me 20 minutes. I got all the questions right. I spent 5 minutes setting up 3 possible sequence chains. Two when S is before Q and one when Q is before S. Twenty minutes is way too long especially for someone who has been studying as long as I have but this is not uncommon for me and I have no clue how to get faster.

Andrew on February 22, 2023

Im normally fine with ML games like this one. My problem is mostly with hard group games.

Emil on March 1, 2023

Hm, did you find making scenarios helpful here? I probably would not have done scenarios for this game, and I'm wondering if in this case they were more of a time drain than actually helpful. That said, games like this in which we only have three rules don't give us much to work with, and making scenarios can be a way to enhance that understanding.