If exactly one of the five sites the tour group visits dates from the tenth century, then which one of the following ...

AndrewArabie on February 19, 2023

last rule

The last rule says, "The site visited third dates from a more recent century than does either the site visited first or that visited fourth." This leaves open the possibility it could be less recent than one and more recent than the other but Matt treats it as an "and" rule. Why?

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Emil-Kunkin on February 22, 2023

I would read this as meaning that three is older than both of them. While typically either could be an and or an or, if we say I am older than either of my cousins, I would take that to mean I'm the oldest cousin.

That said, this wording does seem a little ambiguous, and I suspect that a more recent test would have been slightly clearer.

AndrewArabie on February 22, 2023

Thank you Emil