Which one of the following could be true about Tuesday?

AndrewArabie on February 27, 2023

This game is beyond my grasp

Ive come across this game close to a dozen times and still can't figure out how to answer the questions. I can make the set up but the questions are so beyond my comprehension even with the explanations from the videos. Should I work on this game until I fully understand what's going on or should I just not worry about it because it's a lost boys game? This is reminiscent of the virus transfer game which I understand, but this one makes absolutely no sense to me from start to finish.

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Emil-Kunkin on March 1, 2023

Agreed that this is a lot like the virus transfer game (my personal least favorite). I wouldn't say to just forget about it, but I suspect that you might get more payoff by dedicating your effort studying other things than trying this game for the 72nd time. This is a weird game and the odds are low but not impossible that you would see something mildly similar on test day.

Just as a note, this really does all hinge on the deduction that the only thing that can come before J is M. That's the key to pretty much all the questions.

AndrewArabie on March 16, 2023

Hey Emil. I was on LSAC and one of the tests they have from February 2000 is a game quite similar to this one but the rules are little more vague. I found it very difficult but was able to complete it with 100% accuracy although it took me a while and I didn't really get a lesson to apply in the future. Would LSATMax be able to get that test from LSAC on here to walk us through that game? There's another game on the most recent release which is prep test 93 that I found very difficult but was able to learn really well from it.
Would it be possible to go over those games in an office hour or does LSATMax only go over games that are on this site? They'd be great for the 170 Breakers series because they really are quite tough.