If dog Q is female, which one of the following statements can be false?

burdal on March 15, 2023


Would it be possible to get an explanation on this question? Thank you.

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Emil-Kunkin on March 19, 2023

Hi, this is a game where the setup is almost the entire game. We have four spots in (ordered) and two which must be out

_ _ _ _ (_ _)

We also know that since both of our females are in, both our out group are males. We also know that since one lab is in and one is out, we have the breakdown of who is in and out.
In: 2 f, 2 M, 1L, 3 G
Out 2M 1 g/L 1 L
Since we know that S is in, and S is a female lab, we know that U is out, and U is a male lab. So, we have a rough order to the six

1: P/R (greyhound, sex unknown)
2 P/r (G, sex unknown)
3: S (L, F)
4: Q/T (G, sex unknown)

Outs: Q/T (?M), U(LM)

If Q Is female, that means that Q is in and T is out. In this case, T could be either a G or L, making E correct.