Company policy: An employee of our company must be impartial, particularly when dealing with fan members. This ob...

Alan on March 16 at 11:49PM


Would it be possible to receive an explanation on this? Thank you.

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Emil on March 19 at 09:05PM

Absolutely, just a heads up there is a typo here, Fan should read Family.

We are looking to find an answer choice that violates a policy; that employees must be impartial, especially when dealing with family, in both business operations and hiring.

A does not appear impartial. An impartial Persian would have hired the best candidate regardless of their family status, which was not the case in A. So, a appears to violate the policy.

B appears impartial. All the complainers were treated equally, regardless of family status.

C does not give us enough information to know if it is impartial or not. We have no idea if any of the family members deserved to be fired, so it is impossible to know if the policy was violated.

D seems petty, but not impartial. Past unreliability could possibly be a reason to not promote someone.

E also doesn't give enough information to know if the policy was violated. Maybe the family member was legitimately the stronger candidate.