Medieval Arabs had manuscripts of many ancient Greek texts, which were translated into Arabic when there was a demand...

Noah on March 30, 2023

Why is A correct?

I had a hard time choosing any answer at all, but what makes A relevant?

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Noah on March 30, 2023

I think I got it - the fact that ~medeival translators~ had copies of homer ~in the original greek~, and that homer hadn't been translated to arabic until modern times demonstrates that, had it been popular to anyone (poets included) it would have been translated and disseminated in arabic?

Emil on April 1, 2023

I think you have a good reason why A strengthens the argument. I would also add that A makes it more likely that the argument is correct by rebutting a possible counter argument. One could attack the argument with the possibility that maybe poets did want to read homer, but simply did not have access to homers works in the same way they had access to other Greek texts. A disproves this counter.