Commissioner: Budget forecasters project a revenue shortfall of a billion dollars in the coming fiscal year. Sinc...

Devin on April 11 at 08:44PM


Can I get a break down of this argument? I had a hard time with this one. Thank you!

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Emil on April 12 at 11:04PM

Hi, the argument sets out a choice between two things with no possible other options. It then rules out one thing, forcing us to choose the other option: cutting expenses. We are then told we have a possible plan to cut. The author concludes that this plan is the ONLY way to solve the problem.

The author is correct that cutting is the only solution, but not that this method of cutting is the only solution. There may be alternative ways to save money than this plan, but the author has decided that since this plan will work, it is the only thing that will work.

Devin on April 27 at 07:27PM

Thank you!

Devin on April 27 at 09:43PM

I love your office Hours by the way Emil