Young people believe efforts to reduce pollution, poverty, and war are doomed to failure. This pessimism is probably ...

Noah on April 11 at 11:55PM

Is this a question that I should diagram? or will a negation test be sufficient?

I tried to diagram this but kind of got lost.

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Emil on April 12 at 11:00PM

Hi, I would lean against diagraming this, and would lean instead towards the negation test. One thing I like doing for necessary assumption questions like this is to treat them like a must be true. For necessary assumptions, we are asked what the author must agree with, and figuring out what must be true feels easier to me that finding the thing that if negates would undermine the argument, even though those are conceptually the same thing.

Noah on April 17 at 12:28AM

Ok cool. Treat it like a MBT - i'll use this next time!