The constitution of Country F requires that whenever the government sells a state-owned entity, it must sell that ent...

Noah on April 16 at 11:57PM

But what if the price is reduced but it's stilll the highest price?

Wouldn't it be wrong on the basis that we don't know whether or not the price is the highest on the market?

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Noah on April 17 at 12:48AM

Wait, I think I understand. Since the reductions will be across the market, no matter who the buyer is, the highest price will be reduced, and therefore the principle about commanding the highest price will be violated. Right?

Emil on April 18 at 10:58PM

Exactly! We need to sell for the highest price it could command, and intentionally lowering the market price doesn't change the fact that if not for the other condition it could have been sold for a higher price