In a study, pairs of trained dogs were placed side by side and given a command such as "sit." After both obeyed the c...

NAM1921 on April 18, 2023

The difference between B and C

I guess I was assuming that C kind of set up a similar scenario to B, where the dog would view not receiving a treat as unfair. Is it that B gets at the problem of unfairness more directly, and that assuming what I did in B is not made clear in the stimulus?

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Emil-Kunkin on April 22, 2023

Hi, I'm not sure how C gets to fairness at all, or is even really relevant. B definitely gets to fairness, excuses if both dogs were unrewarded and disobeyed then the issue at hand wouldn't be fairness, it would be the reward that causes the obedience or lack thereof.

For C, I don't really see how that relates to fairness at all.