If Malloy and Nassar earn the same salary, at least how many of the partners must have lower salaries than Lopez?

Josue on April 20, 2023

Is there another way to answer this question?

How I got 7 in this question was that I did my base. I knew already K had to be first so that got my number down to at least 8 different salaries. There are only 9 slots so the most technically is 9, but with K guaranteed first, its 8. Then, knowing that either N or H would be last made it 7. Every other spot was free-game so I answered 7. Is this logic process something that can work in all of these types of questions or did I just get lucky on this one?

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Emil-Kunkin on April 22, 2023

Hi, this question is asking us about what happens if M and N are equal. We know that N is the end of one of our chains so we know that everything after MN must be from the other chain and everything from the other chain must be before it. I'm not sure what you mean by base since this isn't asking us how many unique salaries there are, it's asking how many people must make less than L, that is, M, N, and anything after them