Columnist: Taking a strong position on an issue makes one likely to misinterpret or ignore additional evidence that c...

Andrew on May 1 at 04:48PM

A & E

I didn't see this in the explanation, but can we rule out A and E just for them concluding reasonableness? The argument never touches on reasonableness, just what one should or should not do. Sure it may be proper to assume that if an argument is concluding what one should or shouldn't do, the author must think the prescription is reasonable, but I wouldn't select anything with reasonableness as a concept unless its a last resort.

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Emil on May 5 at 01:31AM

I think that's a good filter to be extremely skeptical of a and e if not the eliminate them entirely. I'm struggling to think of a good restatement of the right answer using a reasonableness standard and while it may not be impossible, I think it's extremely unlikely.