If Vogel is assigned to the same course as Zane, which one of the following CANNOT be true?

Abigail-Okereke on May 4, 2023


can someone please explain the process of coming to the correct answer for this question? I feel like multiple answers could be correct here. also, the volume on the real time video isn't working. thanks!

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Emil-Kunkin on May 5, 2023

Hi, thanks for the heads up about the volume! Let's start by seeing what we know when V and Z are together. If we make a VZ block then we know that Y cannot be with the block, which also means that neither V Z nor Y are allowed to go in pricing. This means that the only two that can go in pricing are S, T, and R. This also means that either VZ or Y will go in L or M.

This means that our ST block can't go in markets, since markets must have either VZ or Y, and if we put the ST block then we won't have enough room.