Which one of the following could be an acceptable selection of the photographs to appear?

MelissaToribio on May 5 at 10:16PM

Rule #3

I have never seen this rule appear before and it caused me to have to guess on the entire game. For clarification, when he have an "equality rule" it is always a biconditional? I saw the "must" and just thought of it working as a regular conditional.

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Emil-Kunkin on May 7 at 08:07PM

This is a place where it's quite easy to overthink and over complicate this for ourselves. The third rule tells us that the Hs in L is equal to the Fs in S. This isn't conceptually hard: we've been dealing with the idea that two numbers of things are equal since elementary school.

While we could write it as a biconditional (if X Hs are in L then X Fs are in S), I think it's way easier to take the most intuitive approach: Fs in S = Hs in L