The author of the passage uses the term "context" (line 50) to refer to

heiressofslytherin on May 9, 2023

Display error

Just posting that rather than the quote in the question displaying, it just says "quote". It'd be great to have this looked into!

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Emil-Kunkin on May 10, 2023

That isn't good! I'm also having trouble seeing it on my end, could I ask you which preptest and question you're looking at here! I can get this to support then.

Sava on June 21, 2023

same issue! its on the reading comp practice questions

Clarissa on September 19 at 09:14PM

Intro to Reading Comp, Homework Passages, Question 21 is where the error is.

lalvez on November 9 at 02:18AM

Same issue...