The consistency of ice cream is adversely affected by even slight temperature changes in the freezer. To counteract t...

DevinFuller on May 15, 2023

Between B and E

I chose B - and want to know why it is wrong. Did I just mix up what they were in favor of? Since they ARE adding stabilizers with higher temps does that mean they are in favor of losing flavor over higher costs of energy? Also can you explain exactly why E is correct. Thank you so much!

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Emil-Kunkin on May 16, 2023

I think that might be the case: it's quite difficult to keep the two clear. Here we have a trade off between two things: flavor and texture. Stabilizers fix the texture issue, but hurt flavor. You can also fix the texture issue by keeping the freezer very cold, which is quite costly.

In this case, we see that fist considerations actually favor using stabilizer, which hurts texture. This is the opposite of B. E is true, however, since we know the best option is to keep the ice cream very cold, and avoid the trade off, but at a higher cost.