Consumer advocate: Tropical oils are high in saturated fats, which increase the risk of heart disease. Fortunately, i...

Devin on May 24 at 07:53PM

C vs E

Greetings! Can we get a breakdown and if you could highlight C vs E I will be grateful!

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Emil on May 26 at 06:34PM

Hi, the advocate argues in favor of a campaign about oils, since publicity will lead to people cutting them out.

The nutritionist argues against a campaign. While they don't dispute the advocates points, they argue that since oils are such a small portion of sat fat that people eat, the campaign would actually do harm, since the small reduction would impede any further reduction that would be needed.

We don't know the opinion of the nutritionist towards C, since we have no clue about what they know about how much sat fat comes from various sources.

We know that the advocate thinks the campaign is a good idea and that the nutritionist thinks it is counterproductive, so we know that would disagree about E.